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Building solidarity among gays, application of the methodology Mpowerment in HIV prevention among MSM

E. Soria

Fundación Ecuatoriana Equidad, Programas, Quito, Ecuador

Issues: Mpowerment methodology promotes behavior change and community building, this methodology was applied by the Fundación Equidad in Quito Ecuador, in 2009, in this participated 211 peopel, beneficiaries of gay men workshops safe sex and about 4000 people who received information directly from the implementer group promoting self-care and care for their peers.
Description: A group of gay were trained by the Fundación Ecuatoriana Equidad to implement this methodology in 2009, its name PANDA, they performed about 7 social events , all year, these events are on the physical delivery of sexual health care, developed by themselves and taking into account their interests in the same time in these events is obtained personal information, young people who attend events are invited to take part in workshops on safe sex, 50% of participants have information about HIV, but some do not recognize the different forms of transmission, after the intervention the 80% say specifically how to take care of your sexual health and most importantly are motivated to talk to their partners and friends about the sexual health care, and care for their peers, that is evident in the increase of users in the services of the foundation.
Lessons learned: Young people need to have spaces controlled by them, but also require constant monitoring. It is necessary that young people who implement the activities very well know which is the end of the project, otherwise it diverts attention. You need to find ways to break integration with socio-cultural and economic barriers that impede the integration.
Next steps: One aspect that should be taken into account in future interventions is culture and context of the locality and this involves recognizing and investigating how to create and shape the thinking and acting of individuals in a society with respect to the sexuality

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