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Using money incentives for recruitment a MSM sample in Mexico; an ethical discussion pending

F.J. Arellano-Ayala1, B. Allen-Leigh2

1Programa de VIH SIDA de la Ciudad de Mexico/Mexico City AIDS Program, Prevention Department, Mexico City, Mexico, 2Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública de México, Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Mexico, Mexico

Issues: The use of incentives, in particular money incentives for the recruitment is a topic not very approved for some researches and some ethic committees in Mexico. The argument of the researches and the ethic committees is based in the idea of the incentives as a bias for the research studies. In contrast with this idea, MSM is a hard recruitment population and their time, transportation costs and other thing needs be considered, incentives, particularly money incentives can contribute to reach a MSM sample.
Description: During January and Mayo of 2009, we have to recruitment MSM for a research study in Mexico. The study, realized under the mentoring of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico, was about the meanings related with sexual penetration in a group of MSM. Initially, the recruitment was a hard labor, because most of the MSM involved, don't have time (they studied or working) or don't have any money for the transportation costs to the study location. Due that, we consider offer $ 100 pesos (less than $ 10 USD) for their time and their costs transportation.
Lesson learned: The recruitment process was more rapid when we use the money incentive. The MSM involved in the study express their approbation for the incentives, some of them, react very positively and their attitude towards information was more receptive (in comparison with the MSM recruitment with no incentive.
Next steps: Promote among researches and in ethical committees the acceptability of Money incentives. Make emphasis in the use of incentives as an important tool for recruitments, and finally recognize the value of the time of the persons (in this case MSM) involved in research studies.

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