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HIV counseling and rapid test in a primary health care service - São Paulo, Brazil

C.G. Luppi1, C. Herold de Jesus2, F. Abdalla2, K. Muniz Amiratti2, S.R. Almeida2, G. Baruque Villar2, R. Veronesi2, A. Rodrigues Pires2, M.I. Chadad Nogueira2, N. Carneiro-Jr.1, Primary Health Care

1Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Santa Casa, Medicina Social, São Paulo, Brazil, 2Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, Centro de Saúde Escola Barra Funda, São Paulo, Brazil

Issues: Primary Health Care Services (PHCS) are responsible for providing care to population living in their catchment area as their first contact to the public health system in Brazil. The implementation of HIV rapid test in PHCS as a point of care allows health plan actions that could reduce HIV vulnerability. Moreover this action may provide opportunity to the general population of HIV infection early diagnosis. The aim of this study is to describe the implantation of HIV testing and counseling integrated in a PHCS.
Description: This intervention has been conducted in a PHCS located in the center of Sao Paulo-Brazil. The team has been constituted by PHCS professionals previously trained to perform counseling and HIV rapid test. An educational group was organized aiming to inform the patients who were in PHCS facilities or communities. After the groups it was offered individual counseling and HIV rapid tests. From July to December 2009 829 people were counseled, of them 189 (23%) were tested, 85 men and 97 women requested the rapid test for HIV. Of the individuals who underwent the examination, 8 (4.3%) were positive for HIV infection, we found a median count of CD4 lymphocyte of 777 (480-854). 7 cases are part of the general population.
Lessons learned: The educational groups in the general population were important to identify situations of vulnerability. It was observed that the majority of tests performed on men were done outside the clinic during activities in the community. We identified a high number of HIV positive persons as well as a high median of CD4 lymphocyte count at the diagnosis showing the strength of this intervention.
Next steps: It is possible to incorporate the HIV counseling and rapid test in daily routine of Primary Health Care Services.

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