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Social participation on health and mobilization: the influence of HIV discourses on health rights in other areas of public health in Peru - Peruvian HIV/AIDS economic flows and mobilization study

C. Sandoval, C. Cáceres

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), Unidad de Salud, Sexualidad y Desarrollo Humano, Facultad de Salud Pública, Lima, Peru

Background: The structure of the public health sector in (PHS) offers limited space for participation of affected communities. Peru has been able to receive financing from the Global Fund (GF) in part thanks to the mobilization of HIV Peruvian civil society organizations (PCSO). Therefore, a partnership between PHS and PCSO began to work in HIV programs. In this context PCSO have developed discourses demanding health-related rights and equitable access to health services. We aim to analyze how HIV discourses on health rights have influenced discourses around other chronic diseases in Peru and how HIV-networks exemplify collaboration between PHS and PCSO.
Methods: In-depth interviews were conducted with stakeholders, health rights PCSO representatives, and leaders of organizations of people affected by HIV, Cancer, Tuberculosis and Diabetes.
Results: HIV discourses on health rights have expanded to other diseases, primarily tuberculosis. Both HIV and tuberculosis programs have National Multisectorial-Strategic-Plans that recognize the participation of affected communities organizations (ACOs) to democratize decision-making processes. Other chronic diseases have not developed similar mechanisms in their programs. Concerning cancer, NGOs demand ACOs participation in decision-making processes. Interviewees agreed that it is difficult to reach the achievements of HIV mobilization with other diseases, since HIV was connected to a global mobilization to defend health rights, fight stigma which has created international networks and financial support sources like GF. Nevertheless, ACOs of chronic diseases and NGOs are building a National Patient Network (Red Nacional de Pacientes) to defend health rights.
Conclusions: There are new efforts to claim health rights in Peru probably inspired by the achievements of Peruvian PLHA organizations. Peruvian public health sector requires recognizing the participation of affected communities organizations in decision-making processes and the implementation of health programs.
HIV affected organizations has become a key political and social actor in Peruvian public health policy.

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