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TRANSponsing barriers: Network for Human Rights promotion and HIV prevention among transvestite population

L. Rossi

Pact Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issues: Following a similar trend in the rest of Latin America, Brazil has registered, an epidemic concentrated among MSM which also reflect not just gender inequalities, but socioeconomic disparities in access to information and healthcare resources. It is estimated that the number of Brazilian MSM that had at least one male sexual partner are between 2.5% and 3.5%. The government estimated MSM to be around 13 times more likely to become infected with HIV than heterosexual men. There is a general shortage of epidemiological data and behavioral research relating to the Brazilian transvestite population.
Description: To face this context a two-years program implemented by Pact Brasil and supported by the Brazilian National AIDS Program of the Ministry of Health focuses its actions in health promotion, citizenship and HIV prevention among transvestites and transsexuals. The network formation and strengthening among transvestite's NGOs is a main strategy of this program. In addition, to increase activities related to positive prevention, VCT, stigma and discrimination reduction and advocacy is the main focus of training courses and field activities, developed by peer educators in the five Brazilian geographical regions.
Lessons learned: The project strategies such as network between NGOs working with transvestite population and peer educators is a much potential strategy to improve actions to health promotion and HIV prevention to excluded segments of governmental systems and / or difficulty to access them. Furthermore, this strategy can be applied to advocacy for the quality and access to the health public services, strengthening the role of leaders and peers educators from the target population.
Next steps: For the second year of implementation the performance of and among transvestite population will be improved through the inclusion of other key strategies linked with condom social marketing, management of knowledge, networks analysis and organizational capacity strengthening.

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