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Advocacy with health ministery for acces to the treatment in Perú

J.C. Cruz

Asociacion PROSA, Lima, Peru

Issues: Social Monitoring and Policy Advocacy
Description: In light of the continuing shortage of ARVs in the country, PROSA, an organization of people living with HIV implements a network of contacts with Mutual Aid Group (GAM `s) nationwide, which provides information on critical points in the provision of retrovirals. The first level monitoring is done through communication with HIV Strategy, Ministry of Health, Regional Health and Office of the Ombudsman, which may resolve the problem in the shortest time. At a second level, the incidence is supported by press releases and email alerts to national level, taking as allies the media. In that sense we have implemented in our web portal (www.prosa.org.pe) a room for complaints.
Since 2007 PROSA reported shortages of retroviral in 24 hospitals in the country, managing to make about 8 Press Releases and 2 alerts, and solve 6 cases of shortages in consultation with the HIV strategy at central level. Was reported 6 cases of discrimination the same as those solved by the intervention of the OmbudsmanĀ“s Office, Ministry of Labor and Protection of Health
Lessons learned: Following the execution of Social Monitoring and Advocacy was able to advance policy to empower PLWHA and deepen the reasons for the critical nodes in the provision of ARVs. We have learned to demand rights that correspond to PLWHA, by monitoring cases and possible solutions, and making visible the need to implement new policies on health.
Next steps: Designing an effective communication mechanism between the Ministry of Health, people affected and the ombudsman to ensure the timely availability of retroviral in the framework of respect for human rights.

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