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Primary drug resistance in newly diagnosed HIV-1 infected individuals in Buenos Aires province

T.S. Arreseigor, M.M. Valle, I.V. Rimoldi

Provincial Reference Center HIV/AIDS. Health Public Central Laboratory, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: Free ARV drug access, associated to various factors may be potential drivers for the emergence of primary resistance mutations. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of primary resistance mutations among newly diagnosed drug-naïve HIV-1 infected individuals, in Buenos Aires province (Argentina).
Methods: Blood samples, from newly diagnosed drug-naïve HIV-1 infected individuals adults were collected between 2008 and 2009 in publics hospitals of Buenos Aires province. In this study were included randomly selected samples of 47 patients. Viral RNA was extracted from plasma with QIAamp Viral RNA Kit (QIAGEN). Genotyping and sequences analysis was performed by using TRUGENE HIV-1 genotyping kit (SIEMENS). Sequences obtained were reanalyzed with genotype sequence algorithm of HIV Drug Resistance Stanford Data base .Mutations associated with drug resistance were identified according to WHO 2009 Resistance mutations list.
Results: Of 47 analyzed samples, 2 of them had one drug-resistance mutation (4.2%). NNRTI mutations were found: K103N (one patient) and Y181C (one patient).No mutations for NRTI were observed. No major mutations for PI were found. One minor mutation (I85V) was detected in one patient The following subtypes were found: BF (53.2%), B (34.0%), C (2.1%), F (2.1%) and other recombinants (8.6%).
Conclusions: The prevalence of primary HIV resistance in newly diagnosed individuals was 4.2%; similar to previous reports from Argentina. We only found primary resistance mutations associated with NNRTI. One minor mutation associated with IP was identified in this group.
It will be necessary to continue the surveillance of primary HIV drug resistance due to clinical impact.

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