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Posithive Results: building monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity of NGOs working with people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) in Sao Paulo, Brazil

L. Murray

Pact Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issue: How to Monitor and Evaluate (M&E) adequately projects implemented by NGOs is a current challenge for the Brazilian response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Focusing on the initiatives directed at people living with HIV/AIDS which includes strong components to improve quality of live and reduce stigma and discrimination, the need for M&E is accentuated in both the Brazilian and international contexts.
Description: The highlight of the project “Posithive Results” implemented by Pact Brasil and Elton John AIDS Foundation was to develop interactive and participatory workshops with a focus on M&E for projects targeting PLHIV. The trainings were based on Pact`s M&E guide, which also adapted instruments from nine international NGOs to develop a with M&E tools and indicators for S&D. The NGO selected a tool to pilot test and supervisory technical visits were conducted to receive feedback on the tools pilot tested and to conduct a survey to evaluate the NGO's M&E capacity. The changes suggested by the NGOs were incorporated into the final toolkit that was printed and distributed to all participating NGOs, in addition to the Brazilian local and National AIDS Programs.
Lessons learned: Forty-eight people from 30 NGOs working with PLHIV which participate in the workshops increased in their skill level in M&E by 80%. During the follow-up visits, one of the key findings of the project facilitators was that while the majority of the NGOs pilot tested the M&E instruments, there are still challenges inherent in incorporating a culture of M&E within the institutions.
Next steps: Many of the innovative processes for M&E still need further formalization, documentation and identification to allow the tools and approaches to be replicated and systemized. This would also ensure the tools have greater impact and are used to support projects as opposed to being viewed as a technical burden.

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