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Inquiry on knowledge and opinion about HIV/AIDS among the Nahua people in Zongolica Mountains, Mexico

C. Suarez Tepetla

Universidad Veracruzana, Instituto de Salud Publica, Xalapa, Mexico

Background: The aim of this research was to achieve to know the knowledge level and type of opinion about the HIV/AIDS among the Nahua people in a precise way by an adequate design and application of bilingual questionnaire for statistical analysis.
Methods: Bilingual structured questionnaire (Spanish/Nahuatl), and application by quota sampling in two villages for statistical analysis.
Results: The main results are the significative correlation with several items: no satisfactory knowledge about HIV/AIDS and no satisfactory Spanish language proficiency; no satisfactory alphabetism in Nahua and/or Spanish language; an primary or less education degree; a low economic incomes by family and person; lack of information about the use of condom and how to use, and the migration out of community de la comunidad.
Conclusions: The data obtained by this kind of questionnaire adapted to the ethnolinguistic features of the target people are more valid and prove other results found in epidemiological surveys made in similar social contexts in Latin America. Moreover these data show the existence of social conditions as associated factors that favour the propagation of HIV/AIDS among the rural and indigenous people in Mexico; and it reports an inadequate attention health care by not consider the linguistic and cultural diversity.

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