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TRANSfering TECHNOLOGIES - strengthening the travestite movement through advocacy strategies and monitoring of public policies for HIV prevention

Presented by Lilia Rossi (Brazil).

L. Rossi

Pact Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issue: The National STD/AIDS Program from the Brazilian Ministry of Health launched in 2007 the “Brazilian Plan to Combat AIDS and STDs among Gays, MSM and Transvestites”. This Plan considers two Affirmative Agendas: one for gay and MSM and other for transvestites. The Plan aims to define the national public policy to reduce HIV infections and promote actions target to human rights defense and stigma and discrimination fight.
Description: The overall goal of this project is to contribute to achieving the goals in the Brazilian National Plan by strengthening the technical and political actions of the existing transvestite networks and NGOs, based in the history of Brazilian transvestite social movement and the government guidelines. It is composed of two primary actions: An interactive workshop with transvestite leaders to define a monitoring plan for the Affirmative Agenda for Transvestites and a publication to highlight the positive advancements and results thus far achieved to allow the wider dissemination of the experience in the Latin America region.
Lessons learned: The M&E workshop held with 13 transvestite leaders from 12 states in Brazil prioritized interactive group work and discussion ended in the definition of a Monitoring Plan for the Brazilian National Plan. The M&E Plan included a total of 21 indicators. The primary areas of focus for monitoring were positive prevention, Transfobia, prevention in prison, and research initiatives.
Next steps: While Brazil is in the process of decentralizing their health system, it was clear in the monitoring that local officials still rely on national policies to make changes in their ways of reporting epidemiological data and general policies. Therefore, it is key that the transvestite movement continue not only meeting with government officials locally, but also participating in political spaces to advocate for the implementation of public policies target to them.

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