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Strategy peer sexual health and HIV prevention in female adolescents Sacred Heart School, Distrito Federal, Mexico

M.I. Arrue Hernández1,2,3, M. Aguilar Haro4,5, M. Ortego Aramburu6

1CENSIDA, Consultores, Distrito Fedral, Mexico, 2CENSIDA (Natl. Aids Program), Consultants, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 3Sagrado Corazon, Management / Human Resources, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 4Sagrado Corazon, Human Resources, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 5S.P.N.Doshi Women's College, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 6Sagrado Corazon, Director of Secondary, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Issues: The strategy of peer educators in 227 female adolescents Sacred Heart Catholic school, Federal District, Mexico
Description: In Mexico, the response to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), is sustained, and significant results. However, the specific action plan has documented gaps and suggest new models not only educational interventions on vulnerable populations, but also in women, especially adolescent girls.
This paper documents the implementation of the strategy of peer educators in 227 female adolescents Sacred Heart Catholic school, Federal District, Mexico, only to adolescent girls in first, second and third year of junior high.
The strategy was initiated at the request of the school and part of a diagnosis of learning and health needs, then implements the educational program
includes general issues of self esteem and self-worth, sexuality, gender violence, bonding, family values, sexually transmitted infections, HIV infection, the relationship between self-esteem, sexuality, religious beliefs and prevention of HIV, to end with the theme of Life Project.
The methodology used is that of popular education. Group show productions are analyzed, for example, graphs of self-esteem, learning needs and drawings relating to violence and HIV / AIDS.
Lessons learned: The intervention adolescents have learning needs of different health and articulated to chronological age, generally unaware of basic information, alternatives and measures to prevent a kidnapping accompanied by rape.
There is significant information gap on the issue of sexuality, STIs and HIV / AIDS.
Intervention is necessary to articulate a gender perspective. It is a fortress incorporating the theme of sexuality, sexual health promotion and prevention of HIV / AIDS in faith-based schools.

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