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"Talking as friends of our rights, sexuality, diversity and HIV": friendly strategy for prevention among highly vulnerable youth in Bogota

M.Á. Barriga Talero1, J. Simbaqueba Vargas2

1Corporación REDSOMOS, Projects, Bogota, Colombia, 2Colombian Network of People Living with HIV 'RECOLVIH', Programme and Projects, Bogotá, Colombia

Issues: Prevention peer young people at high risk. Sexual and reproductive rights. Prevention of HIV and other STIs.
1. Train 15 young students from the night shift of a school of the Capital district on mencioned topics
2. Conduct a replication exercise pairs in friendly contexts (billiards, coffee shops, parks, houses, Internet sites, streets) with 180 boys and girls of school environment.
3. Design and validate collectively with the youth of the institution communication pieces to promote sexual and reproductive rights, recognition and respect for sexual diversity and gender identity and HIV prevention
Initially trained a group of 15 young leaders who will make friendly spaces of discussion with groups of five young people
Leadership training is done through an intensive training school during five (5) days in the topics raised: sexual diversity, sexual and reproductive rights, sexual and reproductive health, and prevention of STI / HIV. All work in a cross-training human rights and gender equity.
The trained leaders generated a replication process between pairs, each replicate the exercise in two young context spaces for a total of 5 persons each, for a total of 75 young people more at the first level and 75 other young people in a second level. This work was accompaniment by professionals.
Lessons learned: It is necessary to generate strategies for exchanging experiences and expectations where peer education is the main strategy of information.
Recognize youth living space becomes an important tool of work.
Factors associated with structural vulnerabilities can be overcome with training in context.
When the young star in preventive interventions, the effects appear to be more durable.
Next steps:
To replicate the experience in others local social institution in emergency state.
To prepare a strategy to Promote the young facilitators and a training handbook
To prepare a major symposium to communicate the results

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