XVIII International AIDS Conference


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E-learning in public health, the Brazilian response strategies in STD / AIDS in the health system - SUS: challenges capacity-building in the state program of São Paulo

D.A. Gonçalves1, A.L.N. Silva2, C.M.A.d. Silveira3

1State Coordenation of São Paulo of STD/Aids, São Paulo, Brazil, 2Unit of Human Development and Institutional - National Bureau of STD / AIDS CVS / MS, Brasilia, Brazil, 3GEAD/DATASUS/MS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issues: The initiatives, policies of the Brazilian response are involved ma-media relationship between states and municipalities to operationalize strategies provided, this creates complex processes of communication, information exchange, collaboration needs and training of personnel. Use of Information Technology and Communication - ICT to promote integration and synergy of actions among federal, state and municipal levels, this use is growing in the field of STD / AIDS especially like to support the management and monitoring of policies, training and update work even more in the last five years.
Description: Update health professionals on STD / AIDS have grown and complexified over the years. The states and cities have expanded their shares of skilled professionals.
The activities in the state of Sao Paulo, told with institutional support from different institutions of the Federal. exchange of technology and the federal levels.
The structuring of activities for e-learning offer the field of STD / AIDS complex and dynamic educational and operational challenges they intend to cultural paradoxes inherent in the actions on HIV / AIDS. Identification of the demands and needs of training in STD / AIDS, the unification Megement Learning System - LMS (Moodle) open source to ensure an alignment of public information policies and information for the National Health System
Lessons learned: Activities of e-learning to support the management, training needs are different from those of the clinical area and thus require processes and methods of Environments suitable for instructional integration of professionals, preventing the dynamics of involvement of social control. Needs continuous development of skills and competencies in the use of basic technology requires attention and investment.
Next steps: To implement the guidelines and definitions and to encourage a critical evaluation on the use of these technologies to implement activities for the development of tools for measuring and monitoring activities.

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