XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Using art (clown, theater, mime, mural painting, games) as a means to address the issue of HIV and STIs. In populations in context of vulnerability in Guatemala. Comic theater as a tool that works in a prison, a village, a military zone, and in the sex industry. Taking advantage of the universality of laughter and mimicry

J.D. Orellana Zetino

Asociaciòn Payasos, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Background: This paper will analyze the actions of a group of educators from its formation, looking at processes of training and strengthening of group and especially the impact of their actions on young people.
Methods: The methodology is participatory theater with a playful approach to promote learning in the subject, which involves the target populations: youth at risk (jrs) people deprived of the freedom (PPL), female sex workers (m). Interventions are performed in schools, places of commercial sex, rehab, uniformed personnel. The statement appears in educational lectures on HIV prevention through youth educators, who later performs the show called "clowning against AIDS" - clown theater through addressing issues of HIV transmission and prevention, simple and good use of condom, sexual diversity and reproductive rights.
Results: 863 PLL. In the period of January at September 2009, 9407 JRS interventioned of July at September 2009. The beneficiaries have expressed interest in the subject, which encourages young people from educational establishments do work on HIV, the PPL have asked the clown project to be carried out with Tamizaje Volunteer Conserjeria (TVC), which is accomplished through sister organizations that realize TVC.
Conclusions: The playful theater strategy has proved a successful and enjoyable, which allows both edutainment ectors aswell as populations to create an environment with a nontraditional approach that allows for better addressing the issues, obtaining freedom to speak without fear, free from prejudice and discrimination. The edutainment actors are entering into a relationship of youth to youth breaking taboos about sexuality, and masturbation, first genital sex in the presentation "Aids Clowning". The form the clowns use in the demonstration of the use of condoms is well and entertaining, the viewers don´t feel their space invaded, they feel part of the show, this allows the public to ask questions they often would not ask in another setting.

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