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“How much do you know about HIV and AIDS?” A successful proposal for experiential training of children and adolescents as peer educators for the prevention of HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean

A. Lupe

Aid for AIDS - Venezuela, Educacion, Los Teques, Venezuela

Issues: The Latin America and Caribbean region has a high proportion of young people, many of whom do not have appropriate sources to acquire information regarding their sexual and reproductive health or ways to prevent the arrival of HIV to their lives.
Faced with this problem, the educational system is the ideal space for the transmission of knowledge for young people to take charge of their own lives.
Description: Through the program “How much do you know about HIV and AIDS?” AFA trains teenagers and young people as peer educators on HIV prevention and their teachers from 5 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. To achieve this, AFA uses neurolinguistic programming tools such as visualization, meditation, reframing of distorted speech about HIV and activation of representation systems to generate significant learning since the experiential and the development of life skills.Through this program we have trained 988 teachers, 964 peer educators, since 2006 more than 100.000 people in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia and Panama has been informed and made aware.
Lessons learned:
1. Coordinate efforts through educational network strengthens the culture of protection and prevention in youth persons.
2. Involving parents and significant adults is critical to the prevention message reaches the family.
3. Community-based organizations, faith-based and civic action organizations are excellent allies in the response to HIV.
Next steps:
1. Validation of the program by the decision makers in countries where it is implemented
2. Incorporation of the program within the academic curriculum in the countries of the region.

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