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Mexican youth in decision-making spaces

O. López Uribe

Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud AC, Youth, México City, Mexico

Issues: Youth, Advocacy, Policy-making
Description: Since 2000 a group of organizations working with and for youth made an alliance to promote sexual and reproductive rights for young people. In Mexico the decision-making spaces where very limited and only few organizations where invited. The alliance achieved on 2006 to be invited to a work space in the national prevention committee from 2008 we advocate for a work space only related to Youth and on 2009 we made an evidence based proposal for our own space and it was accepted by general consent. Since our proposal the work and the importance of youth perspective became outstanding for everybody in that space and supported youth to be part of the top national HIV decision-making space, and we are also an active part of the organization team.
Lessons learned: We need to make clear and strong proposals from our youth view and work, now we have a national responsibility as representatives of the organizations, and we are making strong link with young people working allover the country to have transparency, trustful relationships and horizontal ways of communication.
Next steps: Reinforce the need to work involving the population addressed, find barriers in the achievement of universal access for young people, advocate for adolescents to decide by their own, promote gender equity in the response to HIV, promote the inclusion of young people outside the organizations to be a part of the response. Stand out the relevance of youth friendly health services for young people living with HIV and friendly sexual health services for youth in general.

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