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The people living with HIV stigma index: an advocacy and peer education strategy, Colombian experience

J. Simbaqueba Vargas1, C. Avila2

1Colombian Network of People Living with HIV 'RECOLVIH', Programme and Projects, Bogotá, Colombia, 2National University of Colombia, Public Health, Bogotá, Colombia

Background: The main objective of study is identified and document the ways in which PLWHIV experience stigma and discrimination in their everyday contexts.Secondary objectives of the study also found:Using the index as a tool for advocacy and promotion of human rights of PLWHIV. To provide a forum for peer education focused on recognizing and reducing discrimination.Use the results as advocacy tool that allows improving the lives of PLWHIV
The information comes from a study in realized for Colombian Network of people living with HIV “RECOLVIH” by applying an instrument developed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in collaboration with the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), Global Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS (GNP +) and the International Community of Women Living with HIV / AIDS (ICW).
Methods: Was selected a purposive sample of 1,100 people living with HIV nationwide, located in six geographical regions in order to deliver results with some level of spatial disaggregation. All studies conducted with the instrument "stigma index” have presented univariate and bivariate analysis of information. At home we can make analysis and comparisons varied between regions.
Results: The main results are under construction.
Conclusions: Initial results of the investigation show elements that suggest that people living with HIV have lower socio-economic conditions of the population to the national average. Most of the sample has experienced manifestations of stigma and discrimination in addition to exclusion product of discrimination, people living with HIV face other problems such as loss of social space, and in reaction to the rejection experienced from environment, there are manifestations of internal stigma.As a tool for empowering the stigma index is a space where PLWHIV can talk openly about the ways in which we experience the stigma and discrimination.The stigma index is a tool for advocacy based on evidence.

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