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Prevalence of pathological cytology anal in HIV -positive women, a city hospital study done in Gutemala hospital

I. Barrios1,2

1Clinic Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Gynecology, Guatemala, Guatemala, 2Hospital General San Juan de Dios, Ginecologia, Guatemala, Guatemala

Background: The HIV-AIDS epidemic has infecteda high number of fertile women; ti is estimated that there are two HIV- positive woman por each man (ONUSIDA 2008)
As anal cytologyis not considered in the Guatemala national protocol for this female group, nothing is know regarding its anal lesion prevalence. A literature review highligted the importance of anal cytology in this group, especially because:
a) woman are exposed to a higher numbers of risk factors;
b) both anal and cervical carcinoma show similar etiology and histology,apart from having a close link to human papiloma virus;
c) HIV inmune-suppression increases anal pathology risk.
Methods: Anal and cervical papanicolau smears were taken in a total of 150 HIV- positive, 20-35 year-old woman, with an average CD4 count 222 cell, all of them on ARV treatment.
Results: Out of 18 pathological anal Pap-smears, 5 (3.33%) showed high-level dysplasic lesions, 9 (6.8%) low-level displasic lesions, where 4 (2.66%) had undefined results; only 4 women (2.66%) showed a correlation berween pathological cervical and Pap-smears with displasic lesion.
Conclusions: As compared to HIV- negative women, the study group showed higher prevalence of anal lesions, i.e. 12%. This is reason enough to incluide anal cytology into of routine procedures for HIV-positive women.

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