XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Networking to reduce the damage of alcoholism, drugs and HIV/AIDS among the poorest youth in Buenos Aires, Argentina

P.C. Salguero1, A.E. Bianco2, I.C. Anchava1

1Consejo Argentino del Alcoholismo, Merlo, San Antonio de Padua, Argentina, 2Centro de Salud 'Alberto Barton'Municipal de Tres de Febrero, Caseros, Argentina

Issues: The objetive of this project is promoting the network among NGOs (CADA), health and education areas, to reduce the damage caused by alcoholism, drugs and vih-sida among poorest young people living in the Conurbano Bonaerense (area of high poverty surrounding the Centre of Buenos Aires).
Description: Buenos Aires is the most population city in Argentina surrounded by three bands or cords of extreme poverty.
Our target population were teens from 12 to 17 ,all coming from primary and secondary schools who have serious troubles with abuse of alohol, other addictive substances,violence and sexual activity without protection from STD and AIDS.
In these schools , professors made sub-projects , articulating activities interdisciplinary with other peers and using techniques proposed by CADA in Training Meetings that included :"Alcohol ,drugs and vih-sida",”circunstances and needs of argentine youth” “activities to promote adolescent health”.
Adolescents decided participate in: plastic arts , multimedia, radio, music, photography, murals in their neighborhoods, football championships, and Rock'n Roll Concerts in some schools. these activities are an additional protective factor that increase their self esteem,promote positive behaviors, offer activities and oportunities that give youth reasons to expent a decent future and promote the capacity for participation and self discrimination.
CADA provided material resources and technical support .
Impact evaluation.
Schools: 132
Adolescents: 23,506
Teachers trained: 420
Lessons learned: School based in programs have the potential to reach large number of youth and have a well-established organizational structure and niche in the community.
The successful programs in reality treat children and youth holistically ,start young. offer many enrichment ,growth and development activities, and stick with youth for a long period of time.
Next steps: Work with youth for years, and holistically and comprehensively address the needs and aspirations of youth, including those of their families ,peers and neighborhoods to reduce youth behaviors.

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