XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Social vulnerability contexts and the meanings of the HIV risk infection amongst young infractors, in fulfillment of educational social measure in the city of São Paulo, Brazil

N. Silva, L. Oliveira, M. Lima, A. Landroni

Programa Municipal de DST/AIDS - Secretaria Municipal de Saúde SP, São Paulo, Brazil

Issues: : In Brazil, adolescents under 18 years who infractor of the law are not charged criminally, and meet educational measures, led by core psychosocial protection (NPPE). As a rule they live in social contexts marked by poverty and violence, among others, also responsible for HIV infection.
Description: Since 2009 a specialized healthcare service in HIV / AIDS and a NPPE in the Sao Paulo city develop a prevention project in pairs involving young infractors as agents of prevention, and public and other community youth. During this process of training agents and during activities undertaken by them has been possible to better understand the psychosocial contexts that made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, known as cycles of violence, or pockets of poverty dominated by drug trafficking, witch is the livelihood of many residents. Brokering the sale of drugs, young people are exposed to daily violence from drug traffickers and police, leading them to grasp the concept of risk quite peculiar. Their claims and actions are marked by immediacy and there is little concern about the dangers of a general and death. Living dangerously is a value and they seek to demarcate their identities in the world of crime, for example, the body tattooed symbols of the offences committed.
Lessons learned: : In this context, to ignore the risks is a value in the formation of identities and therefore does not draw on projects or thinking about the future, HIV infection becomes irrelevant to these people.
Next steps: : It seems important to consider the particularities of different “youths” and in the case of young offenders, educational work can have the main axes to expand their repertoire of knowledge and values by implementing actions that encourage building projects by moving them from the immediacy their actions what is sought through the partnership of health service/NPPE.

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