XVIII International AIDS Conference


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It's a human's right issue: prevention, attention and treatment HIV/AIDS/STD focused on young transgender sexual workers

C. Baudracco

REDLACTRANS, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Issues: ATTTA (Association of Transvestites, Transsexual and Transgender of Argentina). From the year 2007 this NGO has observed that the young transgender sexual workers did not have any access to the health public services because they felt stigmatized and discriminated by the different health officials. As a consequence many of our members reached the hospitals with their immune system really depressed and with marked infections a study for the year 2008 carried out by the AIDS National Reference Centre by the University of Buenos Aires showed that 40% of transgender population in Argentina live with HIV/AIDS and are infected with syphilis.
Description: Doctors and social workers in the health services were not prepared to deal with transgender patients and less with sexual workers. One of the negative aspects was that transgenders were called by the registered names and not by their names chosen acceding to their sexual identity as a way to stimulate access to the health system of young transgender sexual workers, ATTTA activists carried out meetings with public health official and lawyers to demand, for example, respect to gender expression.
Lessons learned:
  • The work among peers is a core methodology to strengthen the self teems of a population that is still stigmatized and discriminated.
  • The management of the same communicational code made it possible and easier that the young transgender sexual workers could finally have access to the public health services.
Next steps:
  • To develop actions with practical goals ant these to be transformed into policies at the national level, in association with multilateral bodies in order to effectively address the fight against HIV and STD.
  • To make it a top priority the access to prevent, attend and treatment of HIV/AIDS/and STD of young transgender sexual workers from a human rights perspective.

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