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Erosfera, Sexuality Center. An experience of a youth lead organization in Puebla, Mexico

J.A. Ruiz Hernandez, A. Cuamatzi Cuamatzi, A. Baltazar Garcia, J.N. Gonzalez Lezama, L. Ortega Duran

Centro de Atencion e Incidencia para la Salud y los Derechos Sexuales AC, Puebla, Mexico

Issues: In Mexico, the HIV infections among young people between 15-25 years old represents near of the 30% of the total diagnosticated cases in the whole country. Puebla ocuppies the fifth place in the cumulative incidence rate at a national level. This state, is caracterized for a constant migration of young people who came from other states in the country to study the high school or collegue. This two characteristics (migration and a high concentration of young people) creates a dinamic where young people experiment in a "free" way the start of they sexual active life. But also the city is characterized for a strong and conservative ambiance, situacion that makes dificult the access to information for a safe sexual life. In this context, some organizations work on the field of sexual and reproductive rights, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS prevention and Sexual Diversity came together to create a Center where young people could obtain not only cientific and unprejuicied information but also services and products on a safe, ludic and unprejuicied enviroment.
Description: Erosfera, Sexuality Center open on January 11th 2008.Since our oppening we have develop activities and projects based on the risk reduction and the use of erotism as a workshops, recreational activities and campaings in schools. We have being beneficiate with support oh the Post graduate Harvard fellowship, World AIDS Campaing Small grant, and a crecent support of the local youth Institute.
Lessons learned: Tha reduction of risks combined with the peer to peer transmision of the information has demostrate an effective iniciative to promote the prevention of hiv in and safe sex in young people, and also enrole young people in the activities.
Next steps: We are actually leading with the strengthening of our project managment skills and with the sustentabilty of the center.

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