XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Capacity building in monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS actions for Civil Society Organisations in Brazil

K.B. Freitas1, M. Pereira2, N.D.R. Correia2, A.R.P. Pascom1

1Brazilian Aids Program, Monitoring and Evaluation, Brasilia, Brazil, 2Brazilian Aids Program, Human Rigths and Civil Society, Brasilia, Brazil

Issues: One feature of the Brazilian response to the AIDS epidemic has been the partnerships set up with Civil Society Organisations representing vulnerable groups (MSM, transvestites, prostitutes, transsexuals, young people and people living with HIV/AIDS). Those groups have received technical and financial support for their projects and implanted actions in the areas of HIV/AIDS-related prevention, assistance and promotion of Human Rights. There are still many gaps however in monitoring and evaluation and in the effective outreach of the results.
Description: In 2008, the National AIDS Programme organised a selection process to finance Civil Society Organisation (CSO) projects with two objectives in view: stimulate them to form consortia to develop projects in networks and stimulate the use of M&E tools in interventions. To that end the National Programme offered technical assistance in the form of workshops that brought together the organisations' representatives and technical staff from the Brazilian Programme. At the workshops the basic knowledge needed for working in networks and the basic concepts of M&E were presented. Priorities for combating the epidemic were established jointly with the CSO and projects were directed towards achieving pre-defined products, results and indicators. Project monitoring instruments were also defined.
Lessons learned: The process made it possible for the CSO to have access to the diagnosis and identification of AIDS-related social impact indicators for the first time in Brazil. The need for serious investment in capacity building in M&E for CSO and the acceptability of the same were clearly demonstrated.
Next steps: This action is being monitored and systematised by PN technical staff. The final results will be evaluated jointly with participants with a view to incorporating the process in the work routine and expanding it.

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