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Client satisfaction survey (CSS) among harm reduction outreach projects in Shan State, Myanmar

M. Sein1, K. Lin2

1UNODC, HIV/AIDS Project (TDMMRJ63), Yangon, Myanmar, 2UNODC, Yangon, Myanmar

Background: “UNODC partnership for the reduction of Injecting Drug Use, HIV/AIDS and related vulnerability in Myanmar” has been providing harm reduction services to drug users especially IDU and their partners in five outreach project (OP) areas in Shan state, namely Muse, Lashio, Theinni, Tangyeng and Tachileik since mid-2007. As the project needed to know whether the various services of the project meet the expectation and need of its clients, CSS was conducted in all OPs in March 2009.
Methods: It was a quantitative self rating questionnaires survey involving total of 200, consecutive clients sample, male to female ration of 5:1, age ranged from 17-75 years (mean= 36.11) and IDU, 57.50%.
Results: From most to least recognized services of the OPs were as followed; needle and syringes(N&S), IEC material, basic health care, food, entertainment, counseling, HE, condom, peer discussion, Case Management (CM), home visit care and referral. The most satisfied services were Home visit care, Peer discussion and CM. Although some requested services that are out of the scope of the project, majority rarely demanded any specific drug related services for their problem of addiction. It is doubtful that they really have awareness upon their drug problem or the project's aim to reduce IDU numbers. Perhaps this is the message that OP cannot successfully convince to the IDU clients.
Conclusions: Since the condom service lacked in 16% of the sample clients, all OPs need to promote condom service which is second most common service after Needle and Syringe (N&S) distribution. Even fundamental N&S distribution is satisfactory among IDU (99.15%), sufficient numbers and type need to fulfill. Similarly, majority of IDU (82.2%) received CM services but many are still unaware of their drug use problem. Therefore, in long-term, CM model should aim towards drug demand reduction which is well beyond harm reduction purpose.

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