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Youth and prevention: a partnership experience among the Ministry of Health (MS), the Ministry of Tourism (MT) and the Brazilian Youth Hostels Federation (FBAJ)

V. Costa, C. Oliveira, R. Burgos

Brazilian Ministry of Health, STD, AIDS and Hepatitis Department, Brasília, Brazil

Issues: Data on AIDS in Brazil indicates that the epidemic is intensifying in the youthful population especially among girls in the 13 to 19 age group through heterosexual transmission and boys of the same age through homo/bisexual exposure. That poses a challenge to find new spaces for prevention among young people. To promote the access of young people to condoms and accurate prevention information the Ministry of Health's STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Department established a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and the Brazilian Youth Hostels Federation.
Description: Informative material on STD/AIDS prevention was produced (Portuguese/English and Portuguese/Spanish) suitable for a target public of youth hostellers as well as promotional material to be displayed in Youth Hostel installations. The Hostels distribute condoms thereby facilitating access to that commodity. To boost the efficacy of the actions a training meeting was held to familiarize youth hostel managers with the theme and enable them to deal with the associated prevention contents and information. Of the 95 Brazilian youth hostels affiliated to the FBAJ, 59 have adhered to this initiative. The strategy was announced jointly by the MS, MT and FBAJ at the Salão do Turismo, tourism fair run by the MT, an excellent channel of communication with Brazilian tourism destinations that ensured wide circulation of prevention information in an untraditional space.
Lessons learned: The collaboration of institutions outside the health field is fundamental to ensure capillarity of prevention actions and to provide access to information and condoms in spaces where the target publics circulate.
Next steps: Monitoring the actions through the Federation's own Quality Programme and continuing training activities to qualify the approaches made in the hostels.

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