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Citizen monitoring and access to health care to people living with HIV in Mexican urban marginalized zones

M.A. Garcia Murcia1,2, J. Serrano Meza1

1ENLAZADOS FRENTE AL SIDA, Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico, 2UNAM, ENP, Mexico, Mexico

Issues: Mexico: citizenship and access to health care to plwh in zones with high urban marginality.
Description: In 2008 “Enlazados frente al sida”, based community organization, made a project of citizen monitoring over health care quality to plwh in two hospitals of Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), it was financed by Tides Foundation and Latinamerica ITPC.
Fundamental features were:
a) It was developed at east of Mexico city, in a zone with high urban marginality, with limited access to health services, education and work.
b) Its planning and realization was made by plwh.
c) It included two processes: one of qualification, and one of peers intervention in different hospitals.
d) Factors that limit the access to health care and treatment to plwh in the IMSS were documented, systematized and evaluated.
e) Results of the evaluation were presented to authorities of IMSS and, in a collaborative work with DVVIMSS (national organization of IMSS' plwh), we started advocacy actions to generate transformations in the health care services of this institution.
f) As a consecuence, there were installed two clinical laboratories to make studies of CD4 and Viral load to 2000 plwh; IMSS regional authorities accept to implement a campaign against homophobia in its regional services and to promote the citizen monitoring process to increase the health care quality.
Lessons learned: The citizen monitoring offers a real way to broke communicational and cultural barriers between users and providers of health care services, it's a participation in the design of governmental politics and actions to combat aids. It's necessary to invert human and financial resources in local interventions based in plwh requirements and capacities.
Next steps: Continuing with citizen monitoring over health care quality to make it a permanent program one, and to expand this citizen participation model toward different Mexican places.

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