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Rights here, right now for drug users in poor settings. Rosario city facing human rights challenges with the community

S. Inchaurraga1,2, A. Celentano1, CEADS UNR ´s Harm Reduction Programme Team

1National University of Rosario, Drug Abuse and AIDS Advanced Studies Center CEADS, Rosario, Argentina, 2ARDA Argentinean Harm Reduction Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Issues: Currently disadvantaged population on poor areas use more cheap and toxic drugs as glue, free base and ketamines and combination of drugs where cocaine and alcohol are key actors. A harmful social construct of drug users as criminals is casting them out of the health system and being an obstacle to HIV prevention and harm reduction (HR) aproaches.
Description: Rosario HR programme of local University has as main goal reducing harms of violations of drug users rights guaranteeng access to HIV prevention, care and treatment.It has been targeted throught information materials about what to do if you are arrested, risks of involvement of false proofs, and information numbers to call.Outreach work involves injection equipment and sniff kits distribution.The team involves a HRT perspective on training on community and health areas..The action-plan develop social messages to modify the stigma of drug users A human rights Handbook has been created to help health care providers and drug users themselves in promoting their rights, right to freedom, right to health, right to information.
Lessons learned: The slogan of the social Campaign is focused on the idea of drug users as citizensThe advocacy tasks were critical and the message has been disseminated through leadflets, radial spots, graphic campaigns and panels to present.AIDS risks not only associated to intravenous drug use has been a key issue to face within local community
Next steps: The identified challenge for next decade is to reach the more poor and discriminated users and to explain to the community why drugs are a social and health issue and not a criminal issue and why AIDS risks are related to behaviors and not to estereotypes.HIV prevention campaigns must involve HR and HRT as weel as an action plan with the community to modify the idea of drug users as criminal or dangerous and promoting their rights

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