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Behavioral change and youth entertainment art

Presented by Hernando Clavijo (Honduras).

H. Clavijo, K. Rodriguez

United Nations Population Fund, Honduras Country Office, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Issues: Audiovisual art is a key vehicle for youth behavioral change towards HIV and related issues prevention. It can provide interactive messages on sexuality and gender that efficiently compete with opposing or neutralizing messages via two key factors of youth culture: peer acceptance and entertainment media.
Description: Since 2007, an interagency effort in Honduras (comprising UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and USAID) has sponsored the production of entertainment pieces created by young people on HIV and related sexuality/gender issues. The following pieces are ready for presentation at the Vienna Conference:
- The TV soap opera “Different to all” (106 minutes in total)
- The 6 short film series “Short lives”, based on winner playwrights at the annual National Theater Festival.
- 2 musical videos (“Quiet `hood” and “Feeling like a woman”, 4 minutes each, by well-known local pop singers).
Live and TV presentations as well as massively distributed DVDs have allowed youth groups (in schools, local media, NGOs, health centers, religious groups) to discuss these works, with the assistance of facilitators, questionnaires and conventional leaflets on HIV and related issues.
Lessons learned: Youth sexual behavior change is more efficiently promoted through:
1- Art work created by young people rather than lecturing by adults
2- Audiovisual entertainment rather than plain oral or written information
3- Language, format and technical quality attractive to youth culture rather than standardized, “neutral” messages.
4- Discussion in organized youth groups able to reinforce the messages on a continuous basis rather than passive, individual viewing
Next steps:
- Production and wider distribution of new films and musical video clips created by young artists.
- Improving discussion and evaluation methodologies, including parents and educators.

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