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Feminization of the AIDS epidemic in adolescents in the city of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

S. Taquette1, E. Amorim2, A. Rodrigues1, L. Bortolotti1

1Rio de Janeiro State University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2Rio de Janeiro State University, medical school - academic student, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Background: the purpose of the study was to verify the annual incidence of AIDS in adolescents aged between 13 to 19 years old in Rio de Janeiro city divided by sex and analyze the epidemic characteristics among the female adolescents to develop prevent interventions in such community. In Brazil, the feminization phenomenon is more pronounced among adolescents.
Methods: an ecological study was carried out in Rio de Janeiro city with secondary data from SINAN (Information System of Disease Notification) about cases of AIDS in patients aged between 13 to 19 years old since the beginning of the epidemic until November, 2009.
Results: 656 cases have been notified, 377 (57,5%) in men and 279 (42,5%) in women. The AIDS time evolution was of progressive increase of the incidence in female adolescents exceeding the male adolescents in 1996. Until 1995 the average ratio of cases men x women was 2,5 and as from 1996 until 2008 was 0,9. The main way of transmission in female adolescents was the heterosexual (69,2%) followed by blood way (4,7%) and drugs users (3,9%). In 22,2% the way was unknown. Only 25,4% are still studying in notification period and the majority (59,1%) was less than 8 years of school education. The geographic distribution reveals progressive increase of the number of cases in the poorest area of the city, where the monthly average income is four times worse than the richest area. In the richest area the incidence has been decreasing in the course of years.
Conclusions: The guaranty of attendance in reproductive and sexual healthy in earlier ages - in the puberty beginning, after menarche - is suggested as preventive intervention to female adolescents. Another study with qualitative approach is necessary to better understand this epidemic tendency.

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