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Health in school: workshops on sexuality and STD/HIV/AIDS with deaf students and/or hearing impaired

M.B.d. Santos

Secretaria Municipal de Saude, Centro de Saúde São Francisco, Salvador, Brazil

Issues: The actions of health and education in prevention of STD / HIV / AIDS in schools had not been conducted with students with hearing impairment. It was planned in 2009, workshops on sexuality and prevention of STD / HIV / AIDS for these students.
Description: The meeting was the presentation of the proposed work at school and there were four workshops, with topics of interest to students. The themes were: affection and sexuality, identity and sexual diversity, contraception, pregnancy and responsible parenthood, prevention of STD / HIV / AIDS. The workshops were weekly and lasted for two hours.O work was carried out within the partnership of the Health and Prevention in Schools: Municipal Coordination of STD / AIDS, NGOs, State School and University. The workshops increased the access of young people with hearing the information, and provide premises so they could build and reflecting on these issues. Young people were encouraged to carry out the testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis. Were available male and female condoms and disseminated information about places in town where there is a program of prevention of STD / AIDS.
Lessons learned: After the end of the activities there was a need for continuity of work, the team´s health center had an initial contact with students with hearing impairment and the Brazilian sign language - LBS. It was noticed during the workshops that the students had not had opportunity to work on issues related to sexuality and there was a big part of them. It was difficult to find educational materials in LBS, and was developed visual materials for each workshop.
Next steps: Teachers and interpreters will be trained in the Training of Multipliers for professionals, was included in WFP - Action Plan and Targets of 2010 a resource for the preparation of materials in LBS.

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