XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Strengthening the powers and Mexican youth: prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections

E.E. De la paz Rodríguez1, J.G. Cabrera Reséndiz2, A.A. Solís Rodríguez3, D. Martínez Zuñiga4, J. Martínez Badillo5

1Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS, Youth Project Coordinator, México City, Mexico, 2Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS, President, México City, Mexico, 3Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS, Education Coordinator, México City, Mexico, 4Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS, Drug Bank Coordinator, México City, Mexico, 5Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS, Service Coordinator Clinic, México City, Mexico

Issues: In Mexico the second range of cumulative AIDS cases are concentrated among 15 to 29 years of age. Sexual transmission is the most common route for HIV transmission. In the country there are few initiatives aimed at young Mexicans, it leads to greater vulnerability. Likewise, organizations with preventive work and care on HIV / AIDS have little work in conjunction with organizations addressing issues of sexual and reproductive health, gender equity, diversity and sexual violence.
Description: In the proyect "Infórmate y prevé" by the Mexican Network of PLHIV. The Mexican Network trained 20 youth leaders (some members of civil organizations working in sexual health, gender equality and sexual diversity) on topics such as counseling and voluntary rapid HIV testing, peer education, stigma and discrimination, STI, Project design, etc. This series of training allowed the young participants include in their agendas the issue of HIV prevention and care in their respective areas, achieving resources for the implementation of various projects, particularly projects aimed at early detection of HIV.
Lessons learned: Providing the necessary skills to work by and for young people and is a useful strategy for a sustainable response to the problems facing HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections in this most vulnerable group. It is important to link the issue of HIV / AIDS regarding important issues such as sexual health, gender equity, reducing homophobia and sexual diversity.
Next steps: The need to continue empowering and building new youth leadership in the response of prevention and treatment of HIV, STD, homophobia and sexual health. It must enhance the activities of community work with advocacy actions that allow an environment based on human rights, free from stigma and discrimination. And this atmosphere is possible to pursue responsible and healthy sexuality in young people.

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