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Factors influencing HIV timely detection among gay men and other MSM - a Experience in Mexico City

S.A. Garcia Gómez1, M. Ortega Alvarez2, A. Martinez Aguilar3

1Ave de México A.C., Consejera en Prueba Rápida de detección de anticuerpos de VIH Y Coordinadora Diplmado Salud Sexual y VIH, SIDA, México, Mexico, 2Acciones Voluntarias sobre Educación de México A. C., Diversitel, México, Mexico, 3Acciones Voluntarias sobre Educación de México A. C., Farmasex, México, Mexico

Issues: Counseling for gay men and other MSM, obstacles faced in order to be tested and recommendations to promote the right to attention and timely prevention.
Description: Since 2006, Ave de México has implemented the HIV-antibody detection quick test pre and post-Counseling Model. More than 80% of the people demanding the service are gay men and other MSM. We have detected that the users have previous problems to have the test performed. While finding out the reasons why they do not go for a timely detection, we found: fear of facing a reactive result, lack of self-determination for the own individual's healthcare, little service promotion in different settings, and high test prices for some population segments, mainly the youngsters. On the other hand, internal and external factors have been detected which favor the final decision making to have the test performed. Among the internal factors we find anxiety and the awareness of having had a situation risk, and among the external factors it was found the will to have a stable partner and the partner's request to know his/her HIV status.
Lessons learned: Out of this experience, it is evident the lack of strategies targeting gay men and other MSM which favor their health self-determination and becoming aware of their right to attention and timely prevention. In like manner, it is obvious the lack of promotion and access to HIV pre and post-Counseling service in this population.
Next steps: To promote a campaign targeting gay men and other MSM in gathering and meeting spaces in order to foment empowerment, health self-assessment and the right to attention and timely prevention. To propose along, with the government, a program that favors a higher degree of access to HIV-antibody detection testing the same as the promotion of such service as a reliable support and contention place.

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