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HIV prevention through virtual social networks among women and young MSM in Mexico City

S.A. Hernandez Garcia1, H.L. Régules Garibay1, M. Ortega Álvarez1, A. Martinez Aguilar2

1Acciones Voluntarias sobre Educación de México A. C., Diversitel, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 2Acciones Voluntarias sobre Educación de México A. C., Farmasex, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Issues: To assess the impact that virtual social networks possess as means of prevention and response to the HIV pandemic among women and young MSM.
Description: Based on the DIVERSINET e-mail service expertise (of virtual contact availability) offered by Ave de México, where doubts regarding sexual diversity and HIV are clarified, and whose model has yielded effective prevention for and attention to women and young MSM since May, 2009, and taking into account that out of the total of the treated patients, 49.7% has sent invitations for us to become part of virtual social networks we considered of importance to implement campaigns targeting these populations through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 and Myspace, aiming at improving Community response to HIV to this population through concrete actions such as:
· Promotion of specific services oriented to preventing pandemic spread.
· Provision of Guiding spaces.
. Handling of Scientific, summarized and updated information in friendly manner.
The advantages found with this type of interaction are:
. Better rapport with the user, fomenting a greater Information empowerment.
· Creation of active speakers within the communities.
· A decrease in risk situation exposures by the user
. Development of education among pairs.
Lessons learned: Out of this experience, we can detect the high demand of HIV Information and Support that women and young MSM have in virtual spaces, no yet exploited, such as the virtual networks.
Next steps: Based on this experience, Ave de México will strengthen the measures implemented in these networks and it will start to develop other strategies such as interactive videos, Chats, banners for women and young MSM, introducing prevention strategies targeting the key population.

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