XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Implementing a prevention policy on HIV in workplaces

E.T. Canchola Lopez1, T. Leal Velasco2, M.G. Villalobos de la Mora3, B.E. Estrada Moreno4

1Consejo Estatal para la Prevencion del Sida, Human Rights, Zapopan, Mexico, 2Consejo Estatal para la Prevencion del Sida, Research, Zapopan, Mexico, 3Consejo Estatal para la Prevencion del Sida, Prevention, Zapopan, Mexico, 4Consejo Estatal para la Prevencion del Sida, Principal, Zapopan, Mexico

Issues: In the state of Jalisco (Mexico), many companies are not involved in HIV prevention because they consider it a personal matter, sometimes by the persistence of myths about the virus transmission or the erroneous idea that employees with HIV will not be productive. This generates stigma and discrimination.
Description: Senior officers of 74 companies were informed and sensitized through forums related to HIV, in addition; personnel of industry and workers union were also advised about the importance of implementing prevention programs and against stigma and discrimination.
In companies that agreed, a questionnaire was applied to aevaluate of level information and attitudes of staff to HIV.
The sample included 550 employees: 65.23% female and 34.77% men, average age of 32.35 years, revealing that in 40% still remain myths about HIV transmission.
The global population impacted in around 9,100 workers and their families through workshops, information materials and permanent access to condoms.
Lessons learned: It is essential to involve senior officers or managers to place the issue on the agendas of the companies.
Situation assessments have allowed focusing priorities in implementing programs.
The areas of human resources, occupational health and/or safety and hygiene are strategic partners to minimize stigma and reinforce HIV prevention.
Next steps: In coordination with the Focal Point for HIV / AIDS in the Workplace of ILO, and Federal Labor Delegation, the companies engaged in the AIDS response will be rewarded.
Consolidation of the forum "HIV in the workplace" as a permanent strategy to still promoting the implementation of HIV policies and share best practices with other employers.
Maintain of preventive and non-discriminatory programs.
More companies will be incorporated in the implementation of policies on HIV.

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