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Female and transgender commercial sex workers (CSW) empowered to fight against discrimination and other human rights violation: a multisectoral experience ongoing in four regions of Peru

Presented by Carmen Rosa Murguia Pardo (Peru).

C.R. Murguia Pardo

United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA, HIV/AIDS, Lima, Peru

Issues: In 2007 a Peruvian Consultation on Sex Work and Human Rights took place in Lima, bringing together transgender and female sex workers, civil society representatives, central and regional government authorities and international cooperation agencies with more than 270 participants from 12 regions.
The purpose of the Consultation was to favor a broad debate about stigma, discrimination, violence and vulnerability associated with sex work and its links with HIV involving sex workers as key actors.
Description: As a result of the consultation, an academic institution in alliance with CSW organizations designed a project to address female and transgender sex workers' vulnerabilities and needs in the Peruvian National Response to HIV/AIDS involving their active participation at the national, regional and local level
Regional consultations about Human Rights and Sex Work have carried out in four regions: 202 representatives of regional and local authorities as well as civil society institutions of Ucayali, Arequipa, Junín and Piura participated.
CSW leaders have strengthened their organizational and participation capacities to advocate for their human rights;
A training program targeted to regional and municipal government officers, policemen and security agents of local governments was conducted by CSW leaders. Besides, sex work circuits were mapped in the main cities of the 4 regions, to provide a basis for future health interventions.
The experience of organized multisectoral work to improve the situation of CSW was systematized and published.
Lessons learned: CSW leaders have demonstrated to local and regional authorities that they are able to advocate and influence in public policies
Multisectoral working meetings as well as the joint work between an academic institution and CSW organizations were key for the project successful
Next steps: To ensure the consolidation, recognition and exercise of CSW human right continuing to strengthening their citizenship while fostering their participation in policies at local, regional and national level.

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