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Improving the access to male and female condoms in Peru as part of a comprehensive approach to achieve sexual behaviors changes

C.R. Murguia Pardo

United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA, HIV/AIDS, Lima, Peru

Issues: The Need Assessment carried out in 2008 has highlighted key issues: public health centres are considered as the more appropriate place for condom provision (MC and FC); limited financial and human resources as well as work overburden affect seriously public health condom provision and in Minister of Heath (MoH) authorities as well as in health sector providers is not observed an ownership about double protection offered by condoms, otherwise persist a divorce between family planning and STI/HIV prevention strategies.
Description: Based in the need assessment results, in 2009 the MoH in alliance with UNFPA have designed a National Action Plan to improve the access to condoms and to include female condom in the public offer, involving key stakeholders at national and regional level. The plan aims to improve the use of condoms as a mean of dual protection to achieve sexual behaviours changes. The plan proposes several lines of action: institutional planning and programming, changes in legal and regulatory framework, capacity building and communication and advocacy activities. The plan also includes a set of indicators whose monitoring will report the progress in the course its implementation.
Lessons learned: The incorporation of the initiative in both Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Strategy of the MoH is an innovative component in the integration of the female condom in peruvian health system
The implementation of a Condom Social Marketing Plan in Ica region is a complementary strategy to move forward to sexual behavior changes.
Next steps: To design the road map to start the distribution of female condoms in family planning and STIs/HIV and AIDS services, in 4 areas selected by the MoH (Lima Town, South Lima, Callao and Ucayali), to strengthen health care providers skills, to design protocols, monitoring the distribution and to disseminate the new method among the potential users.

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