XVIII International AIDS Conference


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I live well ("VIHVO BIEN" in Spanish)

J. Wong Braga

Positives in Action - NGO (POSAC+ AIDS), HIV-AIDS, Lima, Peru

Issues: The reality of the persons who live with VIH (men and women) in Iquitos city always gave to itself an image of death and discrimation. Now we have wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to live with VIH with dignity, with quality.
Description: I LIVE WELL is an urban intervention collectively created by artists, members of organizations of people living with HIV/AIDS, and health care professionals. It was developed in the context of the project Life: Art and Human Rights. Has been presented in a variety of spaces, to encourage people to reflect on the consequences of stigma, the death and discrimination. The artistic intervention sought to help the public to become aware of their role in the existence of such discrimination. Each person received a T-shirt or a was mask in white with a very visible logo reading "VIH" ("HIV" in Spanish) and was asked to wear it. Then, participating artists changed the H in "VIH" to "VIR" or "VO" giving place to "VIVIR" (To Live) or "VIVO" (I live), and painting in the masks in white the beauty of the life in replacement of the death, affirming that a person living with HIV is above all a human being that values life and that should not be excluded nor discriminated against. Was carried out with personnel from public hospitals and health centers in Iquitos and other regions of Peru; these spaces were identified by the affected population as the places where the highest number of discriminatory practices took place.
Lessons learned: It was crucial to work in processes of collective construction where members of the vulnerable and affected populations had the opportunity to discuss what points of the agenda should be positioned.
Next steps: Create the network of men, women of the amazonia with the royal face of the AIDS.

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