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Metabolic and anthropometric abnormalities associated to Lipodystrophy in Brazilian HIV/AIDS patients

A.B. de Mattos Marinho Sampaio, L.H. Maia Leite

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Infectious Diseases, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Background: The assessment of metabolic and anthropometric abnormalities and Lipodystrophy (LD) in HIV/AIDS patients is a challenge due to differences in the worldwide population. As a consequence of heterogeneous data and the need to have our own parameters, we analyzed metabolic and anthropometric abnormalities in a sample of HIV/AIDS Brazilian patients and its potential association with the presence of Lipodystrophy.
Methods: We evaluated 189 adult patients in regular care at our clinic by a cross-sectional analysis of 661 patients followed from 2000-2007.Fasting glucose(G), triglycerides(TG), total-cholesterol (TC), HDL-cholesterol (HDL), blood pressure (BP), waist circumference, body mass index(BMI), time from HIV-infection, HIV-Viral load (VL) and CD4-T-cell count, HAART and PI use were collected. Metabolic Syndrome (MetSyn) was defined as by NCEP-ATP-III, LD was clinically defined by reciprocal agreement between patient and doctor. Data analyses included descriptive statistics; Chi-square and T-test were used to compare groups.
Results: Mean age was 38.4±8.8 years (85% between 25-50 years) and 72% were males. The average time from HIV infection was 5.1±2.1 years. 78% were HAART exposed for 3.4±2.6 years, 31% with a PI for 1.2±2.2 years. Medium CD4 was 534.8±246.4 cells/mm3 and 84% had undetectable VL. The prevalence of LD was 17%. Regarding metabolic and anthropometric variables, high TG and low HDL levels were significantly associated with LD (p=0.008 and 0.02 respectively). Some clinical and demographical factors were strongly associated with LD: Age(p< 0.0001), time from HIV-infection(p< 0.04), time of HAART use and PI exposure(p< 0.0001). We found no association between LD and sex, CD4-T-cell count, VL or the presence of MetSyn.
Conclusions: In this sample of Brazilian HIV/AIDS patients, High TG, low HDL, age >40 years, HIV infection for >5 years, HAART for >5 years and PI exposure for >5 years were associated with Lipodystrophy.

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