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Men, awareness and meeting: a preventive intervention model with MSM in Mexico

A.J. Díaz Camarena

Centro de la Diversidad y los Derechos Sexuales, Health, Citizenship and Human Rights, Guadalajara, Mexico

Issues: This program is based on the community empowerment; designed upon a participative action research, which generated the intervention model, this is performed through workshops, promotion and advocacy. The main goal is to reduce social and personal vulnerability among MSM in urban and rural communities.
Description: The Model was designed by qualitative and quantitative research about MSM in urban and rural communities during 2005. Were review 10 in-depth interviews, 3 focal groups and 1 systematized workshop. A survey with 200 interviews was applied.In 2006 was designed a training program; including a facilitator's reference book, didactic materials and the evaluation and systematization tools package.Since 2006 the model has been applied in Jalisco; the results has been the Creation of 8 advocacy groups on Jalisco, 3 legally constituted associations and the creation of The Sexual Citizenship Network and the Jalisco's MSM AIDS prevention program, a coordinated work between the State and the Civil Society.Since 2007, the model has been applied in 10 different states of the country and there are accredited facilitators in five different regions of the country. With the model, was created the National Citizen Vigilance Council on HIV and Sexual Diversity, network who works in the different regions of the country.
Lessons learned: The model evolved from behaviour model to empowerment model, from local level to national level, from training to community organization, from MSM issues to gender and sexual diversity issues, from job collaboration to alternative family.Was possible the articulation between State and Civil Society.People reviewed issues about self acceptation, family, relationships, healthcare, gender, advocacy, human righs, methodology.We readed our personal and social history, we are writing a new history for all.
Next steps: A process of impact evaluation and network enforcement through conflict resolution, orgnizational development and increase habilities in advocacy.

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