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Integrated plan to combat the feminisation of the AIDS epidemic and other STDs: an analysis two years after launching

W. Villela1, J. Kraiczyk2

1Unifesp, Departamento de Medicina Preventiva da Faculdade de Medicina da Unifesp, São Paulo, Brazil, 2Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health), Prevencion, Brasilia, Brazil

Issues: In 2007 the Brazilian government launched the Integrated Plan to Combat the Feminisation of the AIDS Epidemic and other STDs, proposing the implementation of an integrated intersectoral policy in order to effectively address the feminization of the epidemic in Brazil. The Plan was revised in 2008 and the focus concentrated on most at women considered to be most at risk namely: sex workers, transsexual women, women who have sex with women and women living with HIV. The plan seeks to implement 26 strategic actions to achieve the 12 goals established.
Description: At the end of 2009 an assessment of the implementation of the Plan in Brazil was begun by means of consultation of documentation, and interviews with those responsible in local spheres and leaders of civil society. All the Brazilian states committed themselves to implementing the Plan.Of the 26 strategic actions delineated, 14 directly dependant on the action of the federal administrator have been implemented, although their reproducibility at state level is poor. Federal actions under the aegis of the STD and AIDS Department and the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women have achieved two of the 10 goals. In states where women's groups and AIDS NGOs are more organized, higher pressure on governments contributes towards better results.
Lessons learned: the most difficult aspect of implementing the Plan is undertaking intersectoral and integrated actions especially those that involve primary health care units where the HIV/AIDS epidemic is not a priority and the most vulnerable groups of women have poor access.
Next steps: an analysis of the data separated by states is planned to make it feasible to hold workshops and do other work in each location with a view to overcoming the problems identified.

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