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SUNFLOWER: the HIV information campaign designed by migrants and targeted at migrants

M. Martini1, V. Sacco1, Y. Jimenez1, D. De Valeri1, G. Aresi2, A. Bardhi3, E. Caltabiano4, G. Condoleo4, M.L. Cosmaro1, K. Çuka5, D. Lopez1, C. Heisen6, J. Do Rosario Soares Oliveira7, H. Granados Gutierrez8, S.M. Jimenez Torres9, F.C. Manujibeya10, N. Moraru11, C.O. Niane12, M. Juan1, L. Paredes13, M.G. Scolari14, H.D. Villanueva Infante15

1International Organization for Migration (IOM), Rome, Italy, 2Ala, Milano, Italy, 3Medea, Rome, Italy, 4LILA, Catania, Italy, 5Integra Onlus, Lecce, Italy, 6Pegasos, Rome, Italy, 7Cap-Italia Donne, Roma, Italy, 8Corazon Latino, Rome, Italy, 9La Semilla, Genoa, Italy, 10Associazione Nelson Mandela, Rome, Italy, 11DOINA, Rome, Italy, 12Ansaroudine Italia, African American Islamic Institute, Lecco, Italy, 13Donne a Colori, Rome, Italy, 14ALA, Milan, Italy, 15CIRCLA, Milan, Italy

Issue: HIV prevention targeting migrants in receiving country is still a challanging issue. This contribution is part of a wider project titled PRISMA which looked into the involvement and capacity of migrant associations in Italy in promoting HIV&AIDS prevention initiatives target at migrants. Financed by the Italian Ministry of Health.
Description: This project places migrants' associations and those organisations dealing with AIDS at the centre of HIV prevention initiatives targeting migrant communities. SunFlower campaign was the first HIV prevention campaign designed, managed and carried out by a network of 14 migrants' associations and organisations dealing with AIDS. It organised a number of different HIV awareness raising activities in the North, Centre, and South of Italy. Different activities were organized in accordance with the different origin of migrants. Innovative approaches were to include Folkloristic dances after technical seminar or Multicultural buffet after HIV raising awareness seminars involving migrant. Condoms and leaflets distribution at migrants' meeting points were effective to reach migrant from Central Eastern Europe, Condoms and leaflets distribution during folkloric dances at Handicraft Fair to reach migrants from Latin America. Disco night initiatives targeting young migrants and information campaign in meeting points to reach migrants from Africa. More than 10 000 multilingual HIV/AIDS leaflets were distributed together with condoms.
Lessons learned: The sunflower campaign highlighted that mobilizing migrants' associations and communities in receiving countries represents a cost/effectiveness and highly effective tool to support the national strategy on HIV/AIDS. Furthermore according to the culture of origin different approaches on HIV prevention should be used.
Next steps: To strengthen HIV prevention projects for migrants within the AIDS National strategy increasing participation and capacity of migrantsĀ“ associations workers, as well as encourage exchange with Italian associations. To apply the model of sunflower campaign to interventions aims at increase access to HIV test for migrants.

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