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A tour through vulnerability: talking about AIDS for teens in a Brazilian science museum

C. Macedo Guastaferro, J. Horvath Cambauva Iglesias, L.A. Bragante, M.H. Brandão Vilela

Instituto Kaplan, Educacional, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Issues: The last epidemiologic data of Brazil´s AIDS program, points to a growning rate of AIDS among girls between 13 and 19 years old to 2.7 per 100 thousand people, while the index among male teenagers decreased to 1.9 per 100 thousand people. Nowadays, Brazilian health policies showing that risky choices regarding AIDS and teenage pregnancy can lead to huge impacts on their future plans is a more effective approach to motivate teenagers to use condoms.
Description: For the 2009 World AIDS day, Kaplan Institute, a sexual education NGO, in partnership with “Catavento Cultural e Educacional” (Cultural and Educational Windmill), a Brazilian science musem and Abbott Laboratories promoted a one-week campaign to increase the awareness of teenagers about HIV vulnerability. Our activities have benefited 728 teenagers aged 13 to 19 years old who have experienced 4 interactive workshops: “Vale Sonhar“ (It Is Worth Dreaming), an exhibit about prevention choices for STI/AIDS and pregnancy; “Jogos do Poder” (Power Games), a game about violence against women and its influence on HIV infection; “Espaço Vida“(Life Space), biological information about HIV transmission and action including an AIDS virus display; “Alertas” (Alerts), leads to awareness of how alcohol and drugs distorts the decision to use condoms.
Lessons learned: The multidisciplinary exhibits, created exclusively for the campaign, were effective to lead the teenagers to increase awareness about HIV prevention. The educators and teenagers approved the innovative approach about the AIDS vulnerability and have shown interest in the workshops provided by expanding the perception of a risk of AIDS transmission on daily basis.
Next steps: With the success of the campaign, the workshops were integrated into the museum and became part of the available tours to be booked in 2010 by schools and NGO groups, increasing the attendence of teenagers numbers.

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