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HIV prevention in drug rehabilitation centers

M.G. Villalobos de la Mora1, B.E. Estrada Moreno2, Consejo Estatal Contra las Adicciones en Jalisco

1Consejo Estatal para la Prevencion del Sida en Jalisco, Subconsejo de Prevencion, Zapopan, Mexico, 2Consejo Estatal para la Prevencion del Sida en Jalisco, Secretario Técnico, Zapopan, Mexico

Issues: For many people, drug and HIV risks go together: drug users do not protect themselves during sexual activity and sometimes interchanging needles. In Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Jalisco State, we have found many people who live with HIV risks and need support to reduce the impact that their life choices might bring.
Objective: Ensure HIV educational interventions for drugs users to reduce the risks concerning to HIV.
The actions in this intervention were:
- An agreement of collaboration between Drug Addiction and HIV Prevention Programs.
- We got to include the topic of HIV in Addiction Educational Programs.
- Information sessions on HIV and the use of drugs to 350 drug users (80% men and 20% women) in 15 Drug Rehabilitation Centers.
- Surveys before and after each session to all 350 drug users about HIV knowledge and attitudes.
-Promotion of HIV testing. 92 drug users received voluntary HIV counselling and testing services in 3 Centers.
- An educational program about the Harm Reduction Model for people who work in HIV Prevention and Drugs Programs (18 men and 41 women)
- Distribution of 3000 condoms in these Centers.
Lessons learned: Incorporating the topic of HIV in the Addiction Educational Program increased HIV knowledge level 20% and knowledge about drug and HIV relation 15%. With information such as this, people are able to identify HIV risks, think of prevention and accept HIV testing.Prevention efforts must be focused more strategically on people who are susceptible to these kinds of risks, such as people in Drug Rehabilitation Centers.
Next steps: Strengthen collaboration between HIV and Drug Programs
Work with local and state governments to promote HIV prevention programs among drug users, which as of today are not politically popular.Work with people inside such Centers to identify and provide information about other drug users still living in the streets.

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