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Strategies for prevention of AIDS in transgender population in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A.L. Arévalo, E. Carrizo, D. Serantes

Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires), Coordinación Sida (Aids Programme), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Issues: A research developed in 2005 showed that 79% of transgender individuals are sexual workers. Another study, from 2006, conducted by the Ministry of Health, estimated that HIV prevalence in this population was 34.47%. Stigma, vulnerability and discrimination related to sexual choice often delay medical consultation, until advanced stages of disease and health deterioration. For all that is necessary to facilitate access to prevention (brochures and condoms) and comprehensive free health care in this population.
Description: In 2009, the Sexual Diversity Team of the AIDS Programme of the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires developed a prevention strategy for transgender population in three "red zones". Through health promoters, brochures and condoms were distributed at night, once or twice a week, in this population.
All individual contacted received about 35 condoms each time, accompanied by brochures with affordable healthcare, as well as other resources with information about human and civil rights.
Lessons learned: Seven NGOs, a medical center, a trade and a transgender promoter not linked to any organization were involved in the strategy. Monitoring of activities was undertaken by the management team who undertook to respond the demands of the territorial team.
During 2009, about 280 travesties sex workers were contacted and received 340.000 condoms.
As well as provision of condoms was incorporated as a right, demand was increased. The State has delegated a role as a promoter of strategies and resource provider, but actions of this nature can only be carried out in partnership with organizations/sponsors who have the confidence of his peers.
Next steps: It is necessary to incorporate other areas of sexual work in the city that were not covered by the first stage. Deepening this line of work, meet the increasing demand for preventive resources and continue to promote the agenda of affordable health care centers for trans people.

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