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Advocacy to improve service care provision at the Mexican Institute of Social Security

L.A. Quiroz Castillo

Derechohabientes Viviendo con VIH del IMSS (DVVIMSS), Director, Mexico City, Mexico

Description: The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS, in Spanish) is the largest health care insurer of workers in Mexico. It provides services to over 40,000,000 Mexicans. For 25 years it has provided treatment and care to people with HIV who qualify for services. Today around 23,000 Mexicans with HIV receive services from IMSS. Historically the perception of care at IMSS by its users has been one of poor quality of care, including among those with HIV. Seven years ago a group of patients with HIV got together to document human rights violations, acts of discrimination, and poor care services, in order to have indicators to advocate for change at the IMSS. This group was then named Insured Workers with HIV of IMSS (DVVIMSS in Spanish).
Lessons learned: DVVIMSS documented around 600 cases of PHIV that demonstrated a clear violation of human rights, discrimination, homophobia, lack of ARV medication, and refusal to perform surgeries among others. Once documented, the violations were presented to the National Commission on Human Rights and the National Council to Prevent Discrimination at IMSS in order to generate corrective actions. The mass media was used to publicize the violations. During June of 2008 IMSS started a dialogue with DVVIMSS to improve service provision. Members of DVVIMSS from all over the country met with providers to generate specific solutions to the problems presented and improve treatment and care for PHIV.Today several districts with IMSS services include educational programs, capacity building, and sensitivity training in human rights for the service providers in AIDS related issues.
Next steps:
- Continue with vigilance and documentation of violations using the legal tools available to all citizens.
- Advocate for future meetings between providers and PHIV.
- Replicate PHIV as treatment advocates.

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