XVIII International AIDS Conference

Shining Light on Vitamin D Deficiency WEPDB1

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Location: MR 8
Schedule: 13:00 - 14:00, 21.07.2010
Code: WEPDB1
Chair: Paddy Mallon, Ireland

Presentations in this session:

High rates of vitamin D deficiency among HIV-infected and at-risk women in the United States
Presented by Oluwatoyin M Adeyemi, United States
O.M. Adeyemi1, D. Agniel1, A. French1, K. Weber1, P.C. Tien2, M. Glesby3, E. Golub4, D. Merenstein5, A. Sharma6, M.C. Villacres7, M. Cohen1, WIHS study group
1CORE Center, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, United States, 2University of California San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco, United States, 3Cornell Weil Medical College, New York, United States, 4John Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, United States, 5Georgetown University, Washington, United States, 6New York University School of Medicine, New York, United States, 7University of Southern California, Los Angeles, United States

High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among HIV-infected patients
Presented by Catherine Chien, United States
C. Chien, C. Carlotti, L. Bhatti, P. Jongthavorn, P. Denouden, M. Valdes-Suerias, S. Sayana, H. Khanlou
AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Department of Medicine, Los Angeles, United States

Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency in HIV-1 infected adults in the South-Central United States
Presented by Rustin Crutchley, United States
R. Crutchley1,2, J. Gathe Jr.2
1University of Houston, Houston, United States, 2Therapeutic Concepts, Inc., Houston, United States

Evaluation of vitamin D levels in HIV-infected patients at the Center of Comprehensive Care, St Luke´s Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, USA
Presented by Vani Gandhi, United States
V. Gandhi1, J.H. Kim2, G. Psevdos Jr.1, F. Espinoza3, J. Park4, V. Sharp4
1Center for Comprehensive Care, St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Infectious Diseases, New York, United States, 2University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Infectious Diseases, Pittsburgh, United States, 3St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Medicine, New York, United States, 4Center for Comprehensive Care, St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, New York, United States

No association of vitamin D levels with individual antiretroviral agents, duration of HIV-infection, alkaline phosphatase levels nor bone mineral density findings
Presented by Emma Devitt, United Kingdom
T. Rachid, E. Devitt, I. Meyron, S. Mandalia, L. Waters, M. Bower, R. Jones, M. Nelson
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, HIV Medicine, London, United Kingdom

Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and factors associated in a sample of HIV patients
Presented by Daria Pocaterra, Italy
D. Pocaterra1, E. Ricci1, L. Carenzi1, M. Schiavini1, P. Meraviglia1, D. Minisci1, M. Campaniello1, C. Gervasoni1, M. Bevilacqua2, G. Rizzardini1, P. Bonfanti1
1L.Sacco Hospital, Infectious Diseases, Milan, Italy, 2L.Sacco Hospital, Endocrinologic Unit, Milan, Italy


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