XVIII International AIDS Conference

Prevention and Treatment of HIV and AIDS Among Drug Using Populations: A Global Perspective FRSY04

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Location: SR 7
Schedule: 11:00 - 12:30, 23.07.2010
Code: FRSY04
Chair: Jacques Normand, United States
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The International AIDS Society (IAS) in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) convened a global consultation meeting on prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS among drug using populations from 11-12 January 2010 in Washington DC. The goal of this symposium is to present key outcomes from the consultation meeting to HIV and AIDS scientists attending the AIDS 2010. The session is intended to advance understanding of the neurobiology of drug use and HIV risk behavior, the role of substance abuse treatment as HIV prevention-pharmacological and behavioral therapies, the "Seek, Test, Treat and Retain" strategy, the elements of comprehensive HIV prevention in substance users, particularly injecting drug users. The symposium will also provide an overview of PEPFAR's Evolving Strategy to Prevent HIV among Persons Who Inject Drugs. At the conclusion of the joint IAS/NIDA Symposium IAS/NIDA fellowships will be awarded.

Presentations in this session:

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Introductory remarks
Presented by Jacques Normand, United States

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Drug addiction: a brain disease associated with high risk behavior
Presented by Nora Volkow, United States

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Substance abuse treatment is HIV prevention
Presented by Charles O'Brien, United States

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HAART as prevention for injecting drug users
Presented by Julio Montaner, Canada

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PEPFAR's evolving strategy to prevent HIV among persons who inject drugs
Presented by Eric Goosby, United States


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Concluding remarks and award granting


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IAS-NIDA Fellowship Award Ceremony
Presented by Nora Volkow, United States

Rapporteur report

Track C report by David WILSON

This report was written in advance of the session in order to provide adequate time for preparation of the rapporteur feedback.
This symposium provides a global perspective of prevention and treatment strategies for HIV/AIDS among drug using populations.
Using antiretroviral treatment as prevention is a topical concept and is also proposed for populations of people who use drugs. It is suggested that strategies around education, change in behavior and harm reduction have largely failed and new strategies and technologies are not in sight for IDUs. An ecological study has shown the association between decreases in HIV viral load and incidence in a population of IDUs in Canada. At the same time there have been increases in the proportion of treated people attaining suppressed viral levels and decreases in rates of drug resistance.
There is an interaction between drugs and HIV. Some psychoactive drugs exacerbate neurotoxic effects of HIV. Treatment of ‘drug abuse’ has been demonstrated to be highly effective in reducing the risk of HIV seroconversion. Future research into prevention and treatment for drug using populations includes investigation of long-acting injectable medications, immunotherapies for addiction treatment, new heroin vaccines, treatment of cocaine addiction, and exploring strategies for targeting addicted/non-addicted components of the brain.


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.

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